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Does The Psyllium Husk You Take Meet The Mucilin® Standard?

Not All Psyllium Husk Products are Equal

Mucilin®️ fiber is 100% pure husk of Highest Quality

Manufacturing Quality Matters!


Mucilin®️ meets the highest US and European regulatory standards

The Mucilin® Difference
Psyllium husk Fiber

Dear Customer,

We are proud to introduce Mucilin® in the U.S. which we manufacture at our pharmaceutical plant and which we sell in many other countries as a pharmaceutical product, approved by their regulatory authorities.

As a pharma-grade product, Mucilin® stands apart from nearly all Psyllium husk products sold in the U.S.

From raw materials to the final product, Mucilin® is manufactured under the same strict production and quality control standards as for our blood pressure, cholesterol, liver, epilepsy and other medications in the plant.

We go to such lengths for several reasons. Read more

A Note from Chairman & CEO
Paradigm Pharmaceuticals Inc., New York

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