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Paradigm Pharmaceuticals Inc.

About Us

The Company

Paradigm Pharma, New York, markets pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, with a focus on offering both prevention and treatment, especially in chronic diseases. It operates in the U.S., and in Asia through its fully-owned subsidiaries.


Our Ethics & Code of Conduct

Our compliance requires that Paradigm marketing and medical representatives shall not promote or influence sales with improper and unethical incentives to physicians and pharmacists.

Colleagues are required every year to sign the Company's Compliance Notification Notice, affirming compliance with the Company's rules of business conduct enshrined in its "Business Code of Conduct" ("Orange Book"). They are also required to participate in workshops to familiarize themselves with the code of ethical behaviors expected of them in their interactions with healthcare professionals.


Members of our management, from Sales and Marketing to Manufacturing and Quality Control, have extensive experience in their respective fields, most of them with tenures in multinational companies. Adherence to high ethical standards in business is a strict condition of their employment.


Paradigm Pharma is headquartered in New York, N.Y., with operations in ASEAN countries.

Paradigm Pharmaceuticals Inc.

510 Fifth Ave., Suite 701

New York, NY 10017, USA

O: 212-370-0181.